Sioux Falls Sports Authority hosts a number of events in Sioux Falls every year. To find out more about the events we host, click on the images below.

Planning Your Event

Along with excellent facilities, our sports enthusiasm and Midwest hospitality makes having your sporting event in Sioux Falls a winning experience. Everyone is excited to have you and your participants here. Whether it’s the server at the restaurant, the concierge at the hotel or the cashier at the mall, you’ll find a sports fan who welcomes your event to our city.

We work collaboratively with the Sioux Falls Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, the City Sioux Falls and local / regional educational institutions to ensure you access to the key community leaders and groups you need to make your event here a success.

Sioux Falls Marathon

Sioux Falls Marathon

Since 2010


NCAA DII Women's Elite Eight

2015, 2016 & 2018


NCAA Division II Wrestling

2016 & 2020


NCAA DII Men's Elite Eight

2017 & 2018

Summit League Championships

Summit League

Since 2009


NCAA DI Men's Ice Hockey West Regional



NCAA DI Women's Regional



NAIA DII Men's Basketball Championship

2018 & 2019