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Volunteer Duties


  • Assist people in finding their seats
  • Know your section and stay in your section
  • Assist and answer any questions fans may have
  • Notify an SMG (PREMIER Center) employee immediately of any spills (Pop, snow cones, beer), so it may be cleaned up in a timely fashion
  • If a problem arises contact an SMG Employee for assistance

Team Entrance

  • Check-in team members, cheerleaders and media.
  • List to be provided by league office
  • Must show credential

Volunteer Entrance

  • Check volunteer's in prior to session
  • Give them assignment location (provided)
  • Issue session jacket to volunteers working fewer than four sessions and then collect jacket after session

Session Floaters

  • Floaters will need to know all the positions for the ushers and concourse volunteers
  • You will rotate from location to location relieving other volunteers for bathroom and food breaks
  • Must know ALL Job duties.

Will Call

  • Checking people in off of list provided by each participating school
  • Individuals must have picture ID and be on the Will Call list provided by each school
  • Issue ticket(s) after verification and signature

Interview Room Attendant

  • Keep interview room clean and organized
  • Have water ready for moderator, four players and coach of each team following each game
    • Winning team will speak first
  • Place game stats on every seat
  • Assist Summit League communications staff

Media Room Attendant

  • Keep stats organized and in correct trays
  • Perform copy duties for media and league officials if needed
  • Keep room clean and presentable

Locker Room Attendant

  • Greet teams and monitor locker rooms
  • Let teams into locker room and lock door when they are on the court
  • Stay in designated area and always be accessible for the teams

Team Bench Attendant

  • Keep bench area clean pre-game, during game and post-game
  • Make sure there are fresh towels and that the water, ice and cups are full at all-times
    • Check at halftime, refill if needed
  • Stay in designated area and always be ready to help

Stat Runner (Press Table & Scorer's Table)

  • Provide printed stats to those in your designated area


  • Record each game
  • Copy film to DVD at the completion of each game
  • Distribute to designated location

Hospitality (Media, VIP, Volunteer)

  • Check credentials
  • Monitor food & drink levels, replenish when necessary
  • Keep area clean and organized